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Sampling in qualitative research

How many is enough?

Students conducting a piece of qualitative research frequently ask ‘how many interviews is enough?’ This paper offers guidance on the epistemological, methodological, and practical issues to take into account when conducting research projects. This includes advice about assessing research aims and objectives, validity within epistemic communities, and available time and resources.

Qualitative sampling methods

Covers a number of useful aspects of sampling, including purposeful sampling, quota sampling, and snowball sampling in relation to qualitative research.

Are we there yet? Saturation point in qualitative research

The following article critiques two qualitative studies for data saturation: Wolcott (2004) and Landau and Drori (2008). Failure to reach data saturation has a negative impact on the validity on one’s research. The intended audience is novice student researchers

Saturation in qualitative research: exploring its conceptualization and operationalization

This paper clarifies the nature, purposes, and uses of saturation, and in doing so adds to theoretical debate on the role of saturation across different methodologies.