Chapter 16 Web links

Using IBM SPSS statistics


This is the home page for SPSS Inc. You can find information here about all of the different SPSS services as well as the latest version of the software.

SPSS Online Guide

This is an example of one of the many online guides to using SPSS. It is written by Dr. Richard M. Wielkiewicz and covers all of the main functions of SPSS as well as some more advanced ones.

SPSS Software tutorials

These links will take you to some SPSS tutorials. Whilst they were produced some while ago, in 2011, their content is still applicable and widely used. Topics covered include: manipulating data, descriptive analysis, univariate analysis, and inferential statistical analyses.

Naming variables

You can name your variables almost anything, but there a few rules and guidelines that you should cover, and which are covered on this interactive site.