Chapter 14 Web links

Secondary analysis and official statistics

Annual Employment Survey

Searching for employment statistics? This is the link to the Annual Employment Survey, an annual study which provides data on the number of jobs by geographical location and industrial activity across more than 130,000 businesses. More information on this survey can be found by visiting the web site for the office of National Statistics.

British Household Panel Survey (BHPS)

The British Household Panel Survey began in 1991 and collects data related to income and wealth, market behaviour, and socio-economic values. Data is collected from a representative sample of approximately 5,500 households across the UK, and the findings of this survey are deposited in the UK data archive. For more information, visit the BHPS homepage.

British Social Attitudes Survey (BSA)

This survey has been conducted annually since 1983 and covers a wide range of data on social attitudes, behavioural patterns, household circumstances, and work.

National cross-comparison of social and political issues

The European Community Studies and Eurobarometer is a public opinion survey conducted on behalf of the European Commission twice a year across all member states of the European Union. It is a cross-national comparison of various social and political issues including integration, life satisfaction, currency issues, working conditions and travel.

Expenditure and Food Survey (EFS)

This is a relatively new area of research which began in 2001 and collects data specifically related to household income, expenditure, and food consumption from roughly 12,000 households. Face to face interviews are also conducted for this survey and participants are asked to record their expenditure over a two-week period.

Searching for a specific survey?

If you’re conducting research and need to find data from a specific survey then The Economic and Social Data Service contains links to many of the national surveys and their recent results. For further information on surveys such as The General Household Survey (GHS), The Labour Force Survey (LFS), (ONS) The Omnibus Survey and The Workplace Employee Relations Survey (WERS), visit the Economic and Social Data Service homepage here.

International Social Survey Programme

This link takes you to the web page for the International Social Survey Programme which provides data relating to attitudes to towards legal systems and the economy.


Timescapes was funded from 2007-12 under the ESRC Changing Lives and Times initiative. The broad aim was to scale up and promote Qualitative Longitudinal (QL) research, create an archive of data for preservation and sharing, and to demonstrate and encourage re-use of the resource. These aims were achieved through a network of empirical projects, the creation of an archive of QL data, a secondary analysis programme and a range of training and capacity building activities. Details of these activities and the outputs from this work can be found on this website.  

UK Data Archive

The UK’s largest collection of digital research data in the social sciences and humanities. The data in their collections reflect the issues that affect all our lives and experiences, both close to home and internationally, covering every continent, from birth through education, employment, our social interaction and on to old age. The UK data archive’s expertise is in managing the data and metadata they receive and ensuring the data remains available and understandable for long term use.


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