Chapter 1 Web links

The nature and process of business research

The Chartered Association of Business Schools

This is a link to the homepage for The Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS), who are a representative body for the UK’s leading higher-education business institutions. There is a really useful Academic Journal Quality Guide, a system which ranks the quality of published journals based on the frequency that they are cited by other researchers. The CABS also contains a handy directory of schools and courses associated with business and management in the UK.

Ethos and past PhD dissertations

ETHOS is a UK-based open-access service that provides widespread visibility and availability to doctoral research theses. Using the search boxes, it is a good place to look at exemplar research and consider opportunities for further research.

Centre for evidence-based management

The Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa) is a leading

authority on evidence-based practice within the field of management and leadership, founded by an international group of management scholars and practitioners. It has a very useful section with further resources, articles and presentations covering evidence-based decision making and practices.  

Wicked problems worth solving

This website gives an in-depth introduction to wicked problems and explains how we might research and address them. It describes large-scale social issues that plague humanity, such as poverty or malnutrition and then outlines the role of research design in mitigating these problems.

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