Bakan, Shonekan, and Seaton, Music: Context, Sound, and Meaning 1e

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Music: Sound, Context, and Meaning is the first truly global music appreciation text. Built around 100 short modules, the text expands the music appreciation course beyond the Western canon to feature music from around the world, as well as popular music. Beginning with vedic chanting (1000 BC), continuing through works such as Verdi’s La Traviata (1853) and concluding with Yola’s “Ride Out in the Country” (2019), the text offers instructors the flexibility to build a course from a diverse range of works. Each work in the text also illuminates key social issues; a Weelkes madrigal becomes the springboard to a discussion of issues around European colonialism, and a song by Nina Simone sets up a discussion of the civil rights era. Music: Sound, Context, and Meaning is the text for instructors who want to decolonialize the music appreciation course.